Monday, February 16, 2015

When I finally visited Denmark...

Last night Denmark have witnessed yet another tragedy, so allow me to introduce to you Tony. He's a Danish neuroscience student and he happens to be atheist. About a year ago, he and his family visited us in beautiful Malaysia and we took them around to many Masjids and for several days, we were discussing Islam vs Atheism.

They did not accept Islam, however, once they were back, he and his family stood up for Muslim rights in Denmark against the right wing extremists. They have joined many protests with Muslims and have been raising awareness about Muslim & minority issues.

When I finally visited Denmark, they repaid the favour by hosting me on the day of my lecture to 800+ Muslims at the large Islamic Centre. They also took me on a tour to the Muslim area in the capital, and then they proceeded to purchase halal meat to cook me dinner. When I thanked them for it, they told me they always buy Halal meat all the time, because it's the best quality & price! smile emoticon Tony also joined me in meeting the president of the Islamic centre, who invited him and his family for a special tour in the largest Islamic centre in Scandinavia, Copenhagen civilization centre.

That being said, I wanted to share this story so we know that not all atheist are evil or like the crazy Chapel Hill shooter. Many of them reject religion out of the wrong information they have. Also in light of last night's attack in Denmark by a confused young person (if it turns out to be true), I pray this will not affect how most kind Danish people treat the quarter million Muslims they have welcomed in their country. There are wonderful people wherever you go and I pray for Tony and all of them and ourselves to find guidance.
Finally, I wanted to say that even though they did not accept Islam despite the heavy efforts I put in giving them Daawa, I still consider this a big success.

The Prophet peace be upon him could not guide his own uncle Abu Talib despite being a messenger of Allah, but Abu Talib ended up being a huge help for him, teaching us that if our efforts make people more positive towards Islam without accepting it, that in itself is also a great success. This also teaches me to be humble, knowing that no matter how many years I've spent seeking knowledge, Hidayah (guidance) is from Allah alone. To this day, over 4000+ white ethnic Danish reverts accepted Islam. May Allah accept, guide, and increase them. Ameen!

 Sheikh. Waleed Abdulhakeem

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