Thursday, November 27, 2014

Prophetic Traditions on Hatin' and Trollin'

Prophetic Traditions on Hatin' and Trollin'

"A true Muslim is a person who others are safe from his speech and hands."

"A Muslim does not hate another Muslim."

"Avoid hatin' because it devours good deeds like fire devours wood."

"It is enough of an evil to hate another Muslim in your heart."

I heard one of my teachers say,
"When someone reads the last verse of the 113th chapter of the Qur'an, he is not only seeking refuge in Allah from haters, but asking to protect others from his hating as well; and to protect him from his own hatin' because it will inflict considerable damage on his Hereafter. "
On Trollin'

"Whoever follows the mistakes of others (seeking to shame or discredit them), will have his mistakes exposed in the Hereafter."

"A person does not look arrogantly at the sins of others, except he will commit the same sin."
"Whoever is so occupied with his mistakes that he does not busy himself with other's mistakes, will be successful." A good hadith

Christ said, as related by Mālik in the Muwatta,
"Do not feel proud at the mistakes of others. Stay humble and thank Allah for protecting you."

May Allah protect us from being blinded by our own sense of piety or own sense of self worth.

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