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Pictures of the Founder Wahabism (Muhammad Abdul Wahhab) are Fake, so as the others...like Faisal Ib...



Pictures of the Founder Wahabism (Muhammad Abdul Wahhab) are Fake, so as the others...like Faisal Ibn Sau

We often see these pictures of Abdul Wahhab:

This one:

Picture 1Picture 1

Then this one.  Looks like a different person:

Picture 2Picture 2

Or we'll just do a google search:

First of all, Please Take note Abdul Wahhab born 1703, died 1792.

Then check the first CAMERA ever INVENTED... which is in 1840  .  1840? Really?
Do a quick research http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_camera.

Let's move on. Take a look at this picture, see the familiar faces in Picture 1 and Picture 2 (as above)?

Is that really Percy Cox on the right most?  Should he look more like British like this one below?

That's not all.  I'm revealing another fake person invented:  Faisal Ibn Saud.

They take the first name Faisal ibn Hussein and combine with the surname Ibn Saud, and voila!

Let's look at the fake Faisal Ibn Saud:

And oh they even have his video (screenshot) that says Faisal ibn Abdul Aziz ??:

But who is this guy actually?

Here he is:

And a google search on Faisal ibn Hussein:

Read up yourself on Faisal I bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hashimi. Careful he is from Bani Hashem.  He has no Saudi blood whatsoever.

The lies goes on and on and on.  Suddenly we can see pictures of Saud and Hussein family sitting together with British, when the actual fact is, Hussein and his sons Faisal and Abdullah were rivals with Saud.

Then there are cases they use true pictures, but the facts are totally wrong.  E.g. Pictures of peace treaty agreements after WW1, especially after Ottoman Empire collapsed (whatever, be it Ottoman Empire or Young Turks of Ottoman Empire) but the captions will put otherwise, juicy titles all over, full of lies.

The fact is we have no idea where and when those pictures were taken.  And definitely we need to do research if we really care to find out the truth.  If you seek the truth for the sake of Allah, Allah will show it to you.  In syaa Allah.

Don't be deceived by pictures and captions.  Make a quick research or if not, don't read at all.  Rather than you rattle lies, creating more sins for nothing.


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