Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Inilah Kerja Jahat Amerika

Pakar dari Jepun Yoichi Shimatsu juga seorang editor menulis hasil kajian nya berkenaan pesawat MH370 ada lah kerja jahat Amerika seperti di bawah.

Kebetulan blog exco kami sudah meramalkan kerja jahat kapal ini seawal Dec 2013.
"The Malaysian airliner would then been picked up by the many USN ships patrolling the South China Sea, in and around the Spratley Islands. Besides AEGIS radar ships, the Navy has dispatched a new class of Littoral Combat Ships, including the USS Freedom, to the pivot.

Beamed from one of these ships, a powerful type of radar called X-band or narrow-aperture radar could easily have disabled all of the planes. The advanced radar system, now used in electromagnetic warfare to knock out missile and planes, led to the unintended blackout of Los Angeles Airport (LAX) in April 2004."

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