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The faults are not with the technologies or the aviation industry; neither are the faults with other airlines that code-shared with MAS or their governments, they are equally baffled & annoyed of this:

Most of the crucial information & facts are kept by the Malaysian counterparts & they are trying their very best to HIDE all these from the public under various pretexts. And Malaysian Airline is part of Malaysian government’s asset, so it is only logical to hold the ruling regime responsible.

- Why so many U-turns on their very own U-turns OF THEIR U-turns, when comes to making statements & revelations, even in the Parliament?
- Where's the Radar Data?
- Who's holding it? And why not release it?
- Why cannot share the ATC transcript?
- Where’s that cargo manifest of MH370?
- While the US and China will be at the Indian Ocean soon, why can’t Najib wait until they complete their search before making the hasty announcement last Monday, March 24th 2014?
- By the way, why is US so quiet (passive) on this? I assume IF MH370 did fly over to the Indian Ocean, do you believe it CANNOT be seen on their military radar at Diego Garcia? Come on … !

Moreover, Malaysia is reportedly STILL unwilling to release full cargo manifest of MH370 to its Australian counterpart in order to facilitate their Search & Rescue efforts as of Monday, March 24th 2014, after 17 days since the flight disappeared on March 8th 2014.

China too, has asked to see the data on which Malaysia's conclusion was based.

In Beijing, relatives of the passengers released a statement accusing the Malaysian government of trying to "delay, distort and hide the truth".

Most importantly, what are they trying so hard to HIDE FROM US?

And more questions lining up ...

PS: The moving Sea-based X-band Radar at Pacific and Indian Ocean can detect moving object even as small as a golf ball. Hello USA Incorporated, are you telling us you cannot detect a gigantic moving Boeing aircraft near your Diego Garcia military installation? Are you hiding our flight MH370? And have you got what you wanted from China?! What about the MESS you have caused Malaysia … !

For those who prefer logical & sensible deduction, the theory of HIJACK to Diego Garcia seems as the next most plausible.

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