Tuesday, September 4, 2012


 (What my Heart says)♥

Love is something that you can't explain with words. It is an abstract matter. The definition differ depends on individual.

May be for you, love is about two hearts that have been combined together to be one. Or may be, love is about coupling. Or may be, it's about..That's too many definitions about love. But to me, love is a gift from Allah, wh
ich are difficult togain.

The feeling only will be inside you when the times is coming.I never been falling in love before or love at a first sight. Never happens yet. Only some guys bravely to tried. Unfortunately, all of them is not made for me. I couldn't accept them even though they are handsome and smart guys.

See, I'm not looking him by his appearance.This is just a letter from the bottom part of my heart to my future husband.To him,I'm not a seeker of luxury cars, even a bungalow,I also don't want to be spoiled with your money,I just want to be pampered with your endearment,I'm not looking for a perfect husband,what I want just a man who could cherish my love,I don't want to be your girlfriend

But I really do want to be enrolled as your wife and as a mom to your kids.I don't want to be greedy by forcing you to be always at my side,I just want you understand at certain times, I really needs you,You no need to spend your money to top up your credit phone frequently,Because I don't like to be stick on you, I know you have your own life.It is enough to me, if you just call me once in a day.

This is the most important part,I want you to Wake me up For Salah, & Tahajud,I want You to Learn Qur'an & Hadith and Follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad(SAW)I want to Keep going our Life on the Foot steps of Him(SAW) and Make our Kids learn and practice Deen

♥I'm not a beautiful girl or an up-to-date teenager, I'm just a dowdy girl who doesn't care about make up, fashion and girlie things, I'm not hoping that you are a tough man or handsome guy who are really in trend. No need at all. What I need just a sincere. Just accept who am I.
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