Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Poison Factory

Nordin Bin Amat

I read with trepidation regarding Foreign Minister George Yeo handover of an Iranian gift to Madrasah Aljunied because “it was close to his heart despite its not being within his Aljunied GRC”. ( George Yeo passes on Iranian gift to madrasah ST 5 April)

With all due credit to the minister’s well known positive contributions to the nation while being rational, responsible and respected by locals and foreigners alike, Mr Yeo should have consulted MUIS for verifications as to the contents of the encyclopaedia purportedly claimed to cover the “subject of Islamic jurisprudence from Iran”, before passing it as a gift to anyone.

Other than to avoid misleading the students at Madrasah Aljunied pertaining to the stark differences of the Iranian version of 'Islam' - who among other things claimed that the present Quran is only 2/3 while the Iran Shi’ites have the full account, who claimed that Ali (not Abu Bakar, Umar nor Uthman) was the rightful Caliph immediately after the demise of the Prophet Muhammad, and who claimed that the companions including Abu Bakar, Umar, Uthman and the Prophet’s wives all were infidels except Ali and his immediate family members – our country also needs to avoid the rising tide of Shi’ism being connected to the unrests and seditions in the Middle East as reported in various mass medias, one example being Malaysia in spotlight over crackdown on Shi’ites (ST 10th March 2011).

In that article, the statement by the director of the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department, Mr Marzuki Hussin that  “Shi’ism clashes with Islam in Malaysia and so it cannot be allowed to propagate” there, should be a cause of concern especially of the fact that “many Malay Shi’ites conceal their faith to avoid trouble”.  In all possibility, they can actually be sleepers waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

As such, a comprehensive approach by the relevant authorities is necessary to address the negative influences that might be stewing or smoldering among the sleepers from Singapore that “spent several weeks in Iran to observe how Shi’ism was practiced. Many of them who were sympathetic to the faith before the trip decided to convert” in 1981 and 1982.

Those Singaporeans among the cohort that converted in 1981 and 1982 should be scrutinized for their inclinations and verified not to be a potential menace nor a deprave influence to society, one example being the recently convicted ‘religious teacher’ cum pervert with ten wives who degenerated into victimizing his own daughters. His excuse for his debauchery of having more than ten wives was a branch of Syi’ah’s jurisprudence of 'Islam' !

With all due credit and due respect to Iran for being a modern and progressive country with her advanced nuclear technology and honey cum medicinal value producing country, nevertheless, the poisonous aspect of her perverse cultism or seditious charm worldwide must be anticipated and rejected outright by any nation who is on its toes against any form of breach on her sovereignty.

And as the same article rightly mentioned that Shi’ism is deviant, Singapore’s reputation as a secular and tolerant nation should not be abused by any cult seeking to propagate their distorted version of any of Singapore’s multi-religious faiths.

Yours Truly,
Nordin Bin Amat 
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